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      COROS POD 2
      run beyond the limits of gps
      Meet the all-new COROS POD 2. A lightweight, water-resistant watch accessory that clips onto your shoe or waistband for next level running data accuracy. With optimized sensor hardware and intuitive software algorithms, the COROS POD 2 measures your run directly from your foot or body movements. It connects to your COROS watch to provide real-time data, so you can always train or race with the right information.
      the problem
      GPS technology is amazing, but it’s not perfect.

      Tall buildings interfere with satellite data

      Pace changes can have up to 10 seconds delay

      our solution
      The COROS POD 2 solves GPS watch technology's most common problems during running, including data lag, weak signal & satellite disruption. By tracking movement directly from your foot, the COROS POD 2 improves accuracy and pace sensitivity to help you train smarter and more efficiently.
      A video shows a male runner running on a track field.
      more sensitive instant pace
      Say Goodbye To Data Lag
      With the advanced accelerometer in the COROS POD 2, you'll receive data directly from your foot to create the most responsive pace displayed on your watch. The COROS POD 2 removes the up to 10-second delay caused by GPS watches wrist sensors. With the built-in pace alert, your COROS watch paired with the COROS POD 2 ensures you can stay within your targeted pace in nearly real-time, instead of waiting for your data to catch up, even when there is no GPS signal.
      A video shows a female runner running on a treadmill with a close-up shot of her right foot with a COROS POD 2 on.
      An animation shows a zig-zag GPS track recorded by GPS watches and a perfect GPS track recorded with a COROS POD 2.
      more consistent in the cities
      Improved Track Where GPS Signal Is Weak
      GPS technology can experience interference. Running through tunnels or the first few miles of the Chicago marathon between skyscrapers not only disrupts your watch's pace and distance data, but also creates messy GPS tracks. That's where the COROS POD 2 steps in. With data gathered from various internal sensors, the COROS POD 2 is able to auto-correct GPS disruptions such as pace spikes and drops. Your COROS watch works collaboratively with the COROS POD 2 to improve data consistency during your runs.
      An animation shows a side-by-side comparison between the regular running pace trend and Effort Pace trend. The regular running pace trend is affected by uphill and downhill, while Effort Pace stays consistent.
      beyond gps
      The COROS POD 2 doesn’t stop there. It delivers advanced running metrics in a lightweight, sleek design that’s simple to use and will outlast your longest runs.
      even more running insights
      Using smart detection of wearing position (shoe or waistband), the COROS POD 2 provides key metrics to help you better understand your running gait, form, and technique.

      Stride Height

      Left/Right Balance

      Ground Contact Time

      Stride Ratio

      An animation shows that COROS POD 2 monitors the ambient temperature.
      monitor outside temperature
      The COROS POD 2 records ambient temperature readings throughout your run, so you know exactly how hot or cold it was during your activity. You can use these data points to further analyze your runs as you train in different climates, or during different seasons.
      battery life you can’t beat

      The COROS POD 2 is equipped with a powerful battery that stays charged for weeks. Coupled with the portable charging dock that supplies up to 5 full charges, you'll never have to worry about a low battery.

      +Up to 25 hours of continuous running

      +Up to 150 hours of total running (with charging dock)

      An animation shows that COROS POD 2 is waterproof and lightweight.
      lightweight and > weatherproof
      Weighing in at only 5.6g, you won't even notice you're wearing the COROS POD 2 when training or racing. Whether you're on the roads or in the mountains, the COROS POD 2 can withstand the elements, from below-freezing temperatures to high heat (14°F to 140°F / -10°C to 60°C), and stays water resistant up to 3 ATM.
      setup made easy
      The COROS POD 2 can be worn on your shoe, or clipped to your waistband, and will sleep to preserve the battery when it's not moving.
      Add COROS POD 2 to your COROS app to pair with connected watches automatically.
      Attach to your shoe or waistband. Leave it on your shoe after your run if you want.
      Once the initial setup is complete, you can just run as normal to get instant, real-time metrics.
      what’s in the box
      The COROS POD 2 comes with everything you need, including two shoe clips, silicone waistband clip, charging dock, USB-A to USB-C charging cable and compact case.
      An image shows what's included in the COROS POD 2 package.
      An animation shows what COROS POD 2 looks like in a shoe clip, waistband clip and charging dock.

      Can I use the COROS POD 2 with non-COROS watches?

      Does the COROS POD 2 measure running power?

      How can the COROS POD 2 improve my training?

      How can the COROS POD 2 help me when racing?

      Size and Weight
      Dimensions27.1 x 33.9 x 8.6mm
      Weight - COROS POD 25.6g Without attaching any clips
      Weight - Charging Dock17.6g
      Case MaterialFiber-reinforced polymer For both COROS POD 2 and the charging dock
      Foot Clip MaterialFiber-reinforced polymer
      Waistband Clip MaterialSilicone
      COROS AppBluetooth
      COROS WatchBluetooth
      Data SyncReal-time activity data to the COROS watch
      Supported DevicesCOROS watches except COROS PACE 1
      KIPRUN GPS 500 Compatibility coming soon via firmware updates
      Water Resistance3 ATM For COROS POD 2 only and not applicable to the charging dock
      Working Temperature14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C)
      Storage Temperature-4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
      Activity Mode25 hours Up to 150 hours of total running with the charging dock
      Standby Mode40 days
      Charging TimeLess than 2 hours For both COROS POD 2 and the charging dock
      Charging Dock Capacity5 charges
      Charging Dock CableUSB Type-C
      Barometric Altimeter
      Features & Metrics
      GPS Track Optimization Run / Track Run
      Distance Run / Track Run / Indoor Run
      Pace Run / Track Run / Indoor Run
      Effort Pace Run / Trail Run
      Cadence Run / Track Run / Trail Run / Indoor Run
      Stride Length Run / Track Run / Indoor Run
      Temperature Run / Track Run / Trail Run / Indoor Run
      Elevation Gain/Loss Run / Trail Run
      Altitude Run / Trail Run
      Grade Run / Trail Run
      L/R Balance Run / Track Run / Trail Run / Indoor Run
      Ground Contact Time Run / Track Run / Trail Run / Indoor Run
      Stride Height Run / Track Run / Trail Run / Indoor Run
      Stride Ratio Run / Track Run / Trail Run / Indoor Run