Sophia Rodriguez is one of the top female high school runners in the country. While still in her Freshman year, Sophia is also a member of the COROS NextGen program which aims to support and mentor the next generation of American distance running. This past weekend at Nike Indoor Nationals, Sophia set Freshman indoor records in both the 2-mile (10:12) and the 5k (16:22). As Sophia builds into her high school career, she will leverage data to gain further insights into her performance and approach to training. Read more to get the breakdown of her 5k race and outlook on the future!

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Heart Rate Monitor: COROS Heart Rate Monitor

Analysis Platform: COROS Training Hub

5k Freshman National Record: 16:22

5k: 16:22 as seen in the COROS Training Hub

Overall Avg HR: 188

Overall Max HR: 196

Overall Avg Cadence: 189

Overall Max Cadence: 210

As Sophia set out for the 5k on Saturday evening, she was coming off a 2-mile national record the night before (10:12). Based on the quality of the field, Sophia noted that she had to run a smart race in order to achieve her goal.

I wanted to get out strong, I knew the other girls would be going out hard, and I wanted to settle into my race and move up the field. I knew I was going to have to be patient in the first mile.

1st Mile: 5:09.64

First Mile: 5:09.64

Avg HR: 176

Max HR: 190

Avg Cadence: 190

Max Cadence: 207

Through 1 mile of the race, Sophia was able to work her way from 12th up to 8th position. Starting with a lower heart rate, Sophia was able to build into her Threshold Zone while only briefly touching her VO2max as she neared the end of the first mile. As she would ultimately finish in 3rd place, through 1 mile, she was 7 seconds behind the 3rd place runner after taking a calculated approach.

I was feeling pretty good at the beginning of the race, I saw that I was around 5:10 for the first mile and was still running strong. Once I got to 19 laps to go, I started really trying to push and catch some of the girls ahead of me.

2nd Mile: 5:13.58

Second Mile: 5:13.58

Avg HR: 192

Max: HR: 196

Avg Cadence: 189

Max Cadence: 195

Heading into the 2nd mile of the race, Sophia was able to maintain her splits while many of her competitors began to fade. Throughout this section of the race, Sophia moved from 8th to 4th place and closed the gap to 3rd, who was now only 3.5 seconds ahead. As can be seen from her heart rate, she was able to average 192 which was firmly within her VO2max range. Throughout this mile, the data shows Sophia was able to build her heart rate from 188 to 195 entering the 3rd mile and was now nearing her max effort.

Mile 3: 5:20.39

Third Mile: 5:20.39

Avg HR: 195

Max HR: 196

Avg Cadence: 188

Max Cadence: 193

As athletes get to the 3rd mile of a 5k, they are near their max and fighting for every position to the finish. Throughout the 3rd mile, Sophia was running side-by-side with another athlete and going punch for punch with surges. As the data shows, Sophia put in 6 surges above 190 steps per minute with her largest surge coming at the 12:35 mark. Sophia surged to 193 steps per minute to ensure she didn't give up any ground to her competitors.

I had passed a girl and gotten into third, she was really tough and stuck with me. She kept trying to pass and I was having to surge to stay in front of her. During a couple of those surges, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to keep running at that pace.

National Record and Data Insights

Sophia Rodriguez During the Nike Indoor National 5k Race (credit: Milesplit)

Having held strong throughout the back half of the race, Sophia was able to finish in 3rd place and set a new Freshman National Indoor 5k Record. During the final 200 meters, Sophia put in one last surge to the finish line crossing at a cadence of 194. Having pushed her body to the max, she now will look to leverage this data with her coaches to build on the upcoming season.

Looking at the data from the race, I would love to be able to work with my coach to be able to hold surges in the middle of the race for a little bit longer. I feel like I was able to push to keep my position, but it was definitely getting towards my maximum effort.


COROS is committed to producing products and software that can help any athlete work toward their goals. As athletes gain insights into their training and race day performance, it provides them with the knowledge needed to make the changes for success. We want to congratulate Sophia on an amazing accomplishment, and we look forward to working alongside her and all of the COROS NextGen athletes as they continue to push their limits.

All images of Sophia are originally from Milesplit.