IRVINE, CA, June 17, 2024 – After years of innovating the industry's leading GPS sport watches–defined by long battery life, an incredibly easy-to-use interface, and robust training software–COROS announced today that it will bring the same winning formula to an all-new, solar-powered GPS bike computer, the COROS DURA.

Using simplicity as the guiding principle for the new bike computer, COROS has prioritized rider experience by addressing multiple pain points. From seemingly endless battery life, to using Google Maps for navigation, to lightning-fast upload speeds, and much more – the innovation packed into this head unit is unrivaled in the GPS computer market.


COROS DURA supports 120 consecutive hours of ride time with full GPS on a single charge. Solar panels on the computer add up to two hours of ride time for every hour of direct sun exposure.

Sporting a fully customizable 2.7-inch MIP color touch screen, viewing your data and navigation on the DURA is crystal clear when riding outdoors, especially under direct sunlight. The adaptive backlight auto-adjusts the screen brightness to ensure clear vision at night or indoors.

Easily create new routes in the COROS app or download them from your favorite apps such as Strava, Ride with GPS, and Komoot. If you change your mind mid-ride, search for new destinations on your phone or draw a new route, COROS DURA will sync the updated route in seconds.

Also included with COROS DURA is a full training platform at your fingertips with the COROS app and desktop-friendly COROS Training Hub at no extra cost or monthly fee. For athletes looking to get the most out of their training, gain complete fitness insights when pairing the DURA with a COROS watch, including performance, recovery, sleep, stress, and HRV metrics.

Our goal is to create products that solve problems for athletes–whether that’s to help them train, explore the world or simply bring them closer to the sport they already love. COROS DURA is a clear extension of this ethos and truly is the ultimate adventure and training companion. We are proud and humbled to introduce DURA to the cycling market.

- Lewis Wu, COROS Co-Founder


COROS DURA was developed with the help and input of some of the world’s best off-road endurance cyclists, including Haley Smith, Cole Paton, Freddy Ovett, Hannah Otto, and Amity Rockwell. Tested to the limit at long-range endurance races like Traka 360 and Unbound 200, as well as the tight turns of the Nové Město Mountain Bike World Cup, the DURA consistently delivered precise data and navigation, flawless operation, ample battery life, and all the performance metrics needed by world-class athletes to review their performance.


The all-new COROS DURA, available for $249 USD, is on sale June 17 worldwide and ships July 1st. DURA includes a proprietary out-front handlebar mount and a USB-C charging cable. Like other COROS devices, DURA integrates with all major mapping and analysis tools including Komoot, Strava, Training Peaks, and Ride with GPS. DURA takes its name from the Spanish word for “a hard thing.” As the name suggests, DURA is built to support riders, no matter how difficult a ride or challenge may be.

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