As we enter the beginning of the spring season, COROS Coaches have created two new 10k training plans to help you prepare to cross your first finish line or run a personal best! Take a look below at some training tips and download the plans directly to your calendar.

10k Distance

The 10K race is popular among runners because it strikes a nice balance – it's long enough to challenge your endurance but not so long that it feels daunting. Plus, it's a good stepping stone if you're thinking about progressing from shorter races like the 5k to longer races like half marathons or marathons. To prepare for this distance, your plan should incorporate a variety of workouts such as tempo runs, interval training, and long runs to challenge your body and prevent plateauing. If you are newer to running or returning from time off, focus on building endurance and consistency rather than speed.

Pacing a 10k effectively involves starting at a moderate pace and gradually increasing the speed so that you have enough energy to push for a strong finish. The pace zones will vary depending on your goal time.

10k Finishing TimePace Zones
>1:00Threshold (slow-end)
<0:40Threshold (fast-end)

Before starting your training, determine what your goals are for your race. Whether it's finishing strong, setting a new PR, or completing your first 10k, having clear goals will help guide your training and keep you motivated along the way!

New 10k Training Plans

COROS Coaches created these training plans as a continuation of the Introduction to 10k Training Plan. You can download these plans and others from our COROS Workout Library:

10k Beginner Training Plan

  • 10 week plan
  • 3-4 workouts each week
  • Goal time: >1-hour

Example of a week from the Beginner Plan

10k Intermediate/Advanced Training Plan

  • 10 week plan
  • 4-5 workouts each week
  • Goal time: <1-hour

Example of a week from the Intermediate/Advanced Plan

If you have questions or need modifications as you go through the plan, reach out to COROS Coaches via!

COROS Coaches Tips

  • Include strength training. Set a goal to complete at least 1-2 sessions every week. If you need a strength plan or exercises check out our training library for runner-specific workouts.
  • Do not skip rest days. Pay attention to signs of fatigue or discomfort during training. It's important that you prioritize rest if you're feeling tired or run down to prevent injury.
  • Practice pacing. Use your long runs to practice your pacing to avoid starting out too fast and maintain your energy for a fast + strong finish.

How Can COROS Coaches Help?

COROS Coaches are a team of dedicated and certified coaches that can guide you in your training and understanding your metrics, for free. Email them at today and get the discussion going on how to best prepare for your 10k road race!