The 10k distance strikes a balance between the intensity of shorter races and the endurance required for longer distances, making it accessible yet challenging for runners of all levels.

COROS Coaches have put together a few workouts to help you get started with training for your upcoming 10k race. These workouts will also be a preview of what you can expect in upcoming 10k training plans. Stay tuned!

New 10k Workouts

Here are two workouts that you can sync to your training calendar to help you achieve your 10k race goal.  

Short Interval Workout

  • Workout: 600m Intervals at 10k Pace
  • If possible complete this workout at a track or on a route without any interruptions from traffic or street signs. Listen to your body and if you feel extra fatigued for the last two intervals, skip to the cool down.

Long Interval Workout

  • Workout: 2- Mile Repeats at 10k Pace
  • Use this workout to practice for race day, select a route that mimics the race course. Focus on your form during the 2-mile repeats.
It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of training. Remember to gradually build up your mileage and incorporate speed work into your training plan to prevent overuse injuries and allow your body to adapt to the demands of training.

Example of Intermediate/Advanced Workout

Variety in Training is Important

Incorporating both longer and shorter interval runs at your 10K pace is super important, especially if you're newer to this distance. The longer intervals, like mile repeats, help you build up your endurance and get used to keeping a steady pace for longer periods, just like you'll need to do during the race. On the other side, shorter intervals, such as running for shorter distances like 400 meters, help make you faster and more powerful. They teach your body to handle bursts of speed, which can be super helpful during the race when you need to pick up the pace or even tackle hills.

By doing both kinds of intervals, you'll become a stronger and more confident runner, ready to tackle whatever the 10K distance throws at you!

Head to the track for your shorter intervals to avoid any interruptions!

More to Come

Check back to the COROS Training Blog each week for additional workouts and training plans.

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