COROS Coaches have received a lot of requests for additional short distance training plans. We have put together two new 5k training plans to help you prepare for and run a strong race!

Mastering the 5k Distance

In a 5k race, the challenge begins the moment you step over the start line and continues until you reach the finish. It's important to practice your goal pace and even a little faster during your training cycle so you can get used to the uncomfortable feeling. Both training plans will include a mixture of interval workouts, tempo runs, track workouts, and hill repeats. Allow enough time for recovery between hard workouts to give your body time to adapt and improve. Recovery is when your muscles repair and become stronger, so don't underestimate its importance in your training plan.

Pacing a 5k effectively involves finding the right balance between starting strong and finishing with enough energy to push the pace. The pace zones will vary depending on your goal time.

Finishing TimePace Zones
>0:30Zone 4- Threshold (fast-end)
0:23-0:30Zone 5- Anaerobic Endurance (slow end)
<0:23Zone 5- Anaerobic Endurance

New 5k Training Plans

COROS Coaches created these training plans as a continuation of the Introduction to 5k Plan. You can download these plans and others from our COROS Workout Library:

5k Beginner Training Plan

  • 12 week plan
  • Workouts are mostly time-based
  • 4 workouts each week
    • 2 speed workouts
    • 1 aerobic endurance
    • 1 long run
  • Goal time: 30 minutes+

Example of a week of training from the Beginner Plan

5k Intermediate/Advanced Training Plan

  • 10 week plan
  • Workouts are mostly distance based
  • 4-5 workouts each week
    • 2 speed workouts
    • 1-2 aerobic endurance runs
    • 1 long run- mixture of aerobic endurance and hills
  • Goal time: sub 30 minutes

Example of a week of training from the Intermediate/Advanced Plan

If you have questions or need modifications as you go through the plan, reach out to COROS Coaches via!

COROS Coaches Tips

  • Do not skip the warm-up. These workouts require you to push the pace and it's important that you spend at least 10 minutes focused on a few dynamic warmups.
  • Focus on your form. Try to keep your upper body relaxed- shoulders back and down, hands loose and arms swinging front to back, especially during the speed workouts and hill strides.
  • Listen to your body. Pay attention to how your body feels during interval workouts. If you cannot catch your breath and/or your heart rate is not coming down during recoveries skip to the cool down to avoid putting yourself at risk for an injury.

The track is a great spot to practice your 5k pace- flat surface and no interruptions!

How Can COROS Coaches Help?

COROS Coaches are a team of dedicated and certified coaches that can guide you in your training and understanding your metrics, for free. Email them at today and get the discussion going on how to best prepare for your 5k road race!