In the Spring of 2024, more than 400 athletes participated in our 2nd official COROS Coaches Training Camp in preparation for their marathon during the months of March, April, and May. While each athlete had their own personal marathon objective, the training camp was a unique opportunity to connect with fellow runners, gather valuable information from COROS Coaches, and utilize the new COROS Personalized Marathon Plans.

Now that the COROS Coaches 2024 Spring Training Camp has come to an end, dive through the behind-the-scenes of how athletes were supported throughout the camp as well as their feedback on their experience with COROS Coaches so YOU can benefit from this service as well.

Through this camp I really have learned the value of a coach. [...] This has truly been such a positive experience.

Personalized Marathon Plan

From January to May 2024, 442 athletes utilized the COROS Personalized Marathon Plans in combination with COROS Coaches for a full individualized service leading up to their marathon race. Since the Personalized Marathon Plans are based on your current fitness and goals, each plan has a tailored approach to the specific athlete. With direct access to COROS Coaches, athletes were able to easily reach out and modify their plan based on life situations that a standard plan wouldn't be able to accommodate.

Example of a training week from the Personalized Marathon Plans.

Throughout the course of the training camp, athletes also had access to a full training report via the COROS app to monitor their progress over time. This training report is unique to the COROS Personalized Marathon Plans based on your goals and fitness.

I thought the Personalized Marathon Plan was brilliant, and managed to hit most of the sessions almost injury free - so a big thank you.

Training Report from a Personalized Marathon Plan.

Athletes Benefits

To build a strong community within the training camp, athletes were all invited to a private Strava group for COROS Coaches to easily monitor sessions on a daily basis, provide educational content on various training topics, and connect with each other.

Did you learn anything during the camp that you feel could benefit your training in the future?
Yes, it was helpful to learn how to navigate different features that COROS provides on the watch and app.
Yes, I got a lot of insight from the coaching feedback. I also learned how to better utilize the technology from their suggestions and periodic guides.

Daily educational content directly available on the private Strava group.

Additionally, athletes had the opportunity to win special COROS prizes on a weekly basis thanks to our challenges that took place within the community. From sharing a photo of their COROS watch data to discovering new training areas in their neighborhood, our primary objective was to ensure training remained a fun and exciting process. In the end, 13 athletes have earned a new COROS HR Monitor to provide a more accurate training solution.

I really appreciated [COROS Coaches'] support and the challenges along the way - I would definitely recommend this to a friend!

Showcasing a photo of your COROS watch in your training environment was one of the weekly challenges.

Rapid Fire Numbers

Of course, it wouldn't be a proper analysis without some behind-the-scenes numbers coming directly from our COROS Coaches team.

74% Adherence Rate

At the end of the training camp, 74% of athletes have been able to follow >80% of their Personalized Marathon Plan consistently for 16 weeks (taking illness and injury into consideration). We know that consistency over time is the hardest component of training. By building this strong routine for 4 months, athletes have a much better chance to keep this new habit in the future.

93% Satisfaction Rate With COROS Coaches

While COROS Coaches provided educational content to the community, athletes had easy access to one-on-one conversations with COROS Coaches via email at all times. Athletes rated this personalized service at an average of 93%!

It's clear that there is a lot of thought behind the COROS Coaches program, and I really appreciate the personalized feedback.

107 PRs

After a lot of hard work from athletes, 107 of them registered a PR in their marathon race this Spring! In any way, we would like congratulate all athletes for their commitment as the vast majority of athletes were extremely satistified with their race results and training journey.

Training Camp athlete enjoying race day!

Stay Tuned For Our Next Training Camp

COROS Coaches are a team of dedicated and certified coaches that can guide you in your training and understanding your metrics, for free. If you would also like to take full advantage of your training leading up to your next objective, email us now at and get the conversation going. Our coaches are there to take a look at your data and provide relevant and individualized insights based on your own personal needs.

We would like to thank all training camp athletes for their accomplishments! Stay tuned for our next COROS Coaches Training Camp!